Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Future for many Foster Children

     While we are whining about a flag and fighting over which candidate will shaft us the least and the race baiters continue to cry racism at every turn, approximately 26,000 kids will age out of foster care and most lack the necessary tools to cope with the real world. 50% of the males ageing out will face incarceration within the next 2 years, 35% of the young ladies will get pregnant in the next 2 years and are ill equipped to properly care for a child. 56% of these kids have either tried drugs and alcohol or are addicted to one or both by the time they age out. Kids who have been on psychotropic drug are unable to stay on their meds and turn to street drugs to meet their needs. In excess of 25% of these kids ageing out will do so without a High School diploma. 56% of these kids with attend post secondary schools, 2 to 3% will actually graduate with a degree.
     What I am saying is that the system that is suppose to protect these kids instead has neglected and abused them instead. I am a former foster child through both kindred care and foster care and I have seen first hand this negligence and I started the Rockin' Lazy J Ranch Inc to develop and ageing out support system that will step in where a family would for a typical child to pick them up, dust them off and set them back on the straight and narrow. We have plans to provide foster homes and a group home with a total capacity of 75 foster children on the ranch plus transition homes for those ageing out or about to age out so that we can help prepare them for the world that they will have to face.
     We need your help, we need each of you to step up and do your part. The care for these children was never meant to be in the hands of the government but in the hands of people that truly have the children's best interest at heart.

Rockin' Lazy J Ranch Inc